Music is the best.

I’ve played a lot of music over the course my life. I owe my love of my music to my mother, who introduced me to classic country and western as a child in the suburbs of New Jersey. I remember singing along with her to her childhood records and endless 80’s country radio. Kenny Rogers was my first musical hero 🙂

In time, I discovered rock and roll, and eventually started singing in my first real band in college. Many other musical collaborations followed in Vermont and San Francisco. My studies and performance in voice, percussion and guitar have run the gamut of genres from rock, jazz, soul, prog and pop.

These days I’m performing solo, voice and acoustic guitar, both happy originals and lovable covers – The Beatles, Cat Stevens, and Laurel Canyon hits, along with some classic country for good measure. 

The Real Numbers

My last band was a power pop quartet called The Real Numbers. We released four albums that you can listen to (and purchase!) on Bandcamp. Our latest album, “THANK YOU!” dropped in January of 2024. Here are a few select tunes I wrote and recorded with The Real Numbers that I am particularly proud of.

The Wiggle PSA

My greatest musical accomplishment to date may well be this fairly absurd, somewhat educational ode to San Francisco’s beloved bicycle route, The Wiggle.

I wrote the music, recorded it with The Real Numbers, convinced my bandmates and 70 friends to spend a day filming a bike party in the Panhandle, then wrangled the footage into the clip above which has been viewed over 20,000 times.