Let’s Collaborate

I bring people together to strategize, create and celebrate for the benefit of all beings.

My professional interests have ranged from ecology and agriculture to democracy and governance. I’ve provided strategy, communications and stakeholder engagement for local governments, technology companies and nonprofits, and was the founding CEO of the leading civic design firm CivicMakers.

These days, I help clients in the areas of visioning and strategic planning, multi-stakeholder collaboration and facilitation, and strategic marketing and communications.

I am passionate about bioregionalism, a philosophy focused on organizing human societies in harmony with the unique ecological and cultural characteristics of specific geographic regions. I believe bioregionalism can foster hope, democracy, and resilient, local living economies. As such, am exploring the potential for The Bay Delta Trust, a new bioregional weaving and convening initiative in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. You can read “Bioregionalism: Coming home to place, connection, and mutuality” to learn more.

I help organizations clarify their hopes and dreams in compelling visions that guide their work.

I help leaders and teams use strategy and design to ensure action points towards real impact.

I hold this work with warmth, awareness and attunement that honors the presence and personal history of everyone in the room.

How can I help you?

Visioning & strategic planning

Every organization, team or program needs a “North Star” to guide their work, day in and day out, month to month, year over year. I work with cross-functional groups to ground big visions in business realities, generate strategic alignment and buy-in from key stakeholders, and produce actionable roadmaps to achieve tangible outcomes.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration

Whether producing a work product or collectively envisioning a brighter future, collaborating with others can (and should!) feel electric and empowering. In order to harness the collective wisdom of a group, careful planning needs to be conducted to ensure the right people and partners are engaged in a respectful, efficient manner that establishes a foundational rapport for effective collaboration. I convene and facilitate small and large groups alike with preparation, warmth and positivity that will help you accomplish your goals.

Strategic Communications & marketing

Trust is the most critical asset for any changemaker. Strong relationships with key audiences can only be earned through thoughtful, authentic communications and marketing. I can help ensure core branding and messaging supports your vision and strategy and flows through all key marcomms channels and activities, from digital, to earned media to strategic partnerships.

Who have I worked with?

I have served government, corporate and nonprofit clients, with a focus on multi-sector, multi-scale, multi-stakeholder strategy, design and collaboration. Some of my past clients include:

To get the full download on my work experience, and the skills and mindsets I bring to the table, read my “course of life” (or Curriculum Vitae in Latin).