A labor of love: Do the Wiggle!

Today is May Day. A time for celebration, for new beginnings. The start of my birth month. The start of Bike to Work Month. All in all, a terribly fitting time to share with the world my labor of love for the past year. Ladies and gents, I present to you, “Do the Wiggle!” Don’t ask why it took so long, only ask if it makes you love the Wiggle ever more. If so, then is was worth the wait.

There are more than a few people I need to thank, but let’s go with this list for now:

  • Huge props to Dave Ambrose and the rest of The Real Numbers for humoring me. And rocking out, as usual.
  • Matt McKenna for making my rough edit pop.
  • Cristian Hernandez for engineering the first mix.
  • Andy Freeman for delivering the final mix, flawless as always.
  • Jake Richmond & Bay Area Tone for the video gear.
  • Clark Hatchet for cheering us on and rallying the troops.
  • Alia Anderson, Erin Cooke, Andy Russell and Saskia van Gendt for all the extra help.
  • Finally, all of the amazing wigglers for coming out and helping us celebrate The Wiggle!