Welcome to the Numberhood

Well, this one is a little behind the ball (as usual), but it definitely deserves a post. My band, The Real Numbers, has finally finished our first album, “Welcome to the Numberhood”. W00t!

Seriously, this is a huge achievement. Aside from the long hours spent in the studio. Beyond all the hand-wringing over the album design. Certainly more than the money spent. This is a huge achievement because four guys spent a lot of time together crafting some good songs and then turned their sights on the studio and didn’t let go or give up until they sounded even better. I want to thank those guys because this album would not be possible with out them. Evan, for getting me going. Dave for keeping me going and writing some kick ass tunes (and making my tunes even better). Andy for just being a monster talent whatever booth he’s in. And extra special props to Andy’s company Bay Area Tone.

Most of all, though, this feels like such a huge achievement to me because so much of me is in this album. More than any other project in which I’ve participated over the course of my musical “career,” this music is my music, and this album is a testament to me embracing the musician inside. It marks my growth as a guitar player and my birth as a songwriter. And it reminds me that you can’t run from the creative impulse.

So take a listen. Maybe even buy a copy. Most importantly, enjoy!

[bandcamp album=1246679949 size=venti bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB]

As a special bonus, check out the album art below. I love it. Mad props to my friend Wendy MacNaughton for the artwork, and special thanks to David Marr for putting the whole thing together.

Welcome to the Numberhood front cover
Welcome to the Numberhood back cover

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