My Latest Pet Project: DO THE WIGGLE!

The Wiggle as it looked at the beginning of time--1866. Photo courtesy of Joel Pomerantz.

I love The Wiggle. If you ride your bike regularly in San Francisco, chances are you also love The Wiggle. Because to know The Wiggle is to love The Wiggle. If you don’t ride your bike regularly in San Francisco, or if you don’t do anything regularly in San Francisco, you probably want to know what the heck The Wiggle is.

The answer is simple: The Wiggle is San Francisco’s BEST bicycle route. It gets you from East to West with the least amount of elevation. Bicyclists in SF are fanatical about The Wiggle. As am I. So I decided to write a song about it. A jingle, really. I’m pretty proud of it, and people seem to like it. The next logical step, of course, was to film a PSA for The Wiggle, so I’ve assembled a group of friends to do just that.

We’re shooting the video next Sunday, May 22 @ 2pm. We’d love for you to join us. More information can be found here: And don’t worry….if you can’t make it, we’ll be posting The Wiggle PSA soon enough.

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