I Love Me Some Maps

I love me some maps. I really do. I love looking at them, everything from transit maps to road maps to topo maps. And I love making them. Every once in a while I get the chance to fool around in a GIS program like the venerable ArcMap and I always have fun. I won’t say that it is 100% fun — GIS can get pretty involved and ArcMap, in particular, is one of these power-user programs like Photoshop that can drown you in all kinds of high-end functionality — but bottom line, figuring out how to best present information geo-spatially is a pretty cool design challenge.

Soooo….a few weeks back when Arthur Robin Boone, the Bay Area Godfather of recycling, asked for some help compiling a map of local full service organics (FSO) collection programs, I readily volunteered my limited GIS services. Below is the map I created in ArcMap which will be shown at the 15th Annual Recycling Update, a great program put on by the Northern California Recycling Association.

[slideshare id=3368259&doc=bayareaorganicsprograms-100308141825-phpapp01]

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