Gettin' Out and About on the Peninsula

Spring is here in San Francisco and the weather has been downright incredible. Consequently, I’ve been trying to get out and about in the California countryside to counteract the sedentary urban lifestyle. Between biking and yoga and the gym, I stay plenty active enough, but none of that can substitute for time immersed in the great out-of-doors. I’ve been delighted to discover that there is an abundance of amazing hiking just a few minutes drive down the peninsula. Two weeks ago I hiked Sweeney Ridge, and today I hiked the Montara Mountain Trail out of San Pedro Valley Park, both near Pacifica. Here’s the map of where I was this morning:

If was pretty damn foggy today, but it made for some great ambience and a refreshing blast of moisture now and again.

And the fog may have kept a lot of other hikers away. I only saw one other group of three hikers, but I did see quite a bit of wildlife, including what I’m pretty sure was a bobcat. Yeah, pretty cool. I also happened across some quail, a couple warblers, juncos and phoebes, a big fat banana slug and a rufous-sided towhee up close and personal. All in all, a beautiful time out on the trail, breaking in some new boots and getting some time away to celebrate my 36th birthday a day early.

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