C.R. Darwin, R.I.P.

IMG_0928, originally uploaded by noveltimes.

I know Darwin has been dead for many years at this point, but that didn’t stop me from getting all veklempt when seeing his grave at Westminster Abbey. Pictures aren’t allowed in the Abbey, but I felt compelled to break the rules to get this snap off, hence the shoddy quality. Seriously, as magnificent and storied as is Westminster Abbey, Darwin’s grave sent chills up my spine and brought a tear to my eye. It is somewhat odd that Darwin, a man that did more to puncture the peculiar “natural” history of Christianity, would be buried beneath the most treasured symbol of the Anglican Curch. However, I feel it a fitting homage to the greatness of all humankind that the work of one man resonates louder than the entirety of a religious tradition.

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