It Must Be Official…

Well, my new band has a myspace page, so it looks like we are finally legit.  Funny how that works.  The proof is in the pudding, as they say:

This project started over a year ago when my good friend (and bassist) Evan asked if I wanted to maybe sing in a band with him and another guitar player.  While that lineup didn’t quite work out, it did kick start the creative juices and get me writing some tunes for the first time in many years.  After a draining search to fill out the lineup, we found one Dave Ambrose, a guitar slingin’, road-hardened music geek if there ever was one.  I don’t know what Dave heard in the crappy Garage Band demos that Evan and I posted, but he kept showing up every week and helping us craft my musical seeds into a semblance of proper songs.  In due time, and many drummers, Andy Freeman descended upon our practice space and ripped the sh*t out of those fledgling tunes.  It was pretty clear that Andy’s innate musicality and producer’s ear were too good to be true.  And so, by November of last year the lineup was complete, The Real Numbers were born, and work began on filling out the set.

All told, this band has already exceeded any expectations I had when Evan and I set out to make music in early 2008.  I’m delighted and humbled that such talented musicians are interested playing my tunes and have been so supportive.  It has been a truly collaborative effort, with each member brining their own contributions to the table, be it songs, lyrics, arrangement ideas, etc.  As a songwriter, this has been immensely rewarding.  As a novice guitar player, it has been an amazing opportunity to build some chops and venture forth into electric arena.

And so, The Real Numbers are officially out and about in the world.  Enjoy what we’ve got posted, and come out to hear us sometime, because the best is yet to come.  Your next chance is May 14th at the Connecticut Yankee here in San Francisco.  Until then, rock on.

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