About Lawrence Grodeska


Lawrence Grodeska is many things: creator, communicator, facilitator, musician and futurist. He is the founder of CivicMakers, a network for the civic tech community that shares solutions and knowledge to help more people make better decisions together. Ultimately, he is dedicated to the well-being of his fellow crew members on Spaceship Earth.

Over the course of 15 years, Lawrence has created countless programs and products that transform how citizens interact with their communities and governments. As Senior Product Manager at govtech leader Accela, Lawrence launched Contractor Central to facilitate municipal licensing and permitting. He built the B2B content marketing program at the world’s platform for change, Change.org. He also released the City and County of San Francisco‘s first mobile app which helped to spur the open data movement in the Bay Area.

Lawrence thrives on cultivating open dialogue to bridge gaps between disparate viewpoints through carefully facilitated events and convenings. He regularly speaks on the topics of civic tech, social impact, and governance at conferences including SXSW Interactive, SXSW Eco, Nonprofit Technology Conference, and Code for America Summit, among others.

Lawrence is also a songwriter and vocalist specializing in sunny melodies and happy-go-lucky lyrics. His musical PSA for San Francisco’s best bicycle route, the Wiggle, has been viewed over 15397,000 times.